El-Roy R. Cook is the world’s 1# transformational coach and leadership authority. He delivers engaging talks and leadership programs that will help you increase productivity and produce better results. Thousands of lives have already experienced the benefits of working with him, from your working professional, high performing athletes, to corporate CEOs.

Author of two life-changing self-help books, ‘Because I’m Single’ and ‘Vision… The Pathway To Your Dreams” presents hard lined strategies and innovative techniques uniquely developed by Mr. Cook to yield immeasurable results for personal and professional growth.

Not just another inspirational speaker, his keynote talks are witty and powerful and will have your audience on the edge of their seat, make your event memorable, and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impact.


‘Great Achievers Are Big-Thinkers. – You Can Only Ascend To The Level Your Mind Has Already Been Elevated Too!’


The moment you stop giving yourself excuses, a world of endless opportunity & possibility arises…
Obstacles become conquerable,  storms become endurable, giving up is not probable, victory becomes inevitable, your dreams become achievable, & you become unstoppable!


‘Writing Down Your Goals & Plans Helps Kick Start The Process Of Clarification & Memorization. A Plan That Is Written Down Can Be Worked On, Assessed, Adjusted, Updated & Most Importantly Executed!’